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Purple Flowers

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You can make your garden a real delight to look at if you have the right plants in it. There is an almost endless variety of garden plants that you can choose from, so it might be difficult to select which ones are the best for your home. With a little help, you can choose the best ones.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

When choosing plants for your garden, you want to be sure that they do not bloom at the same time. This will help ensure that you have some beautiful color from spring through early fall.

It is also important to understand which ones can thrive in the full sun, and which ones will not. Others may require frequent watering, and some require almost no watering at all.

Choose Perennials and Annuals

It is unlikely that you want to replant your whole garden every year. Some plants will only grow one year and not grow back (annuals). Other garden plants will return year after year and will grow bigger each year (perennials). In order for perennials to regrow next year, you need to pay attention to the temperature zone you are in for best results.

Watering Your Garden

Plants can be rather picky about how much water they get. If you cannot water them often, be sure to select plants that can tolerate some neglect. Succulents add variety and possibly color to your garden and they require very little attention. This includes cactuses, aloe, agave, and the very popular ghost plants, pencil plants, and paddle plants.

Popular Flowers

You can add a lot of beauty to your garden with the right flowers. One beautiful plant that can last for decades with the right care is peonies. Other flowers may include snapdragons, caladium, daylilies, clethra (very fragrant), aster, lavender, coneflower, centranthus, and many more.

Add Some Trees & Shrubs

In addition to the plants, you can also add some trees and shrubs. These will provide your garden with both shade and beauty, depending on which you buy. Trees and shrubs are sure to add color to your garden.  Consider adding trees like Japanese maple, ornamental cherry, ornamental pear, apple trees, and a saucer magnolia. Some beautiful shrubs like  Rhododendron, Azalea and Cypress will add pops of color.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Depending on the size of your garden, you may want to put in some plants that will help to repel mosquitoes – if they are a considerable problem in your area. These plants include marigolds, lavender, rosemary, scented geraniums, and citronella grass.

Know Your Visitors

The visitors to your garden will also help to determine which type of plants you put in it. Some plants are highly poisonous to people (especially children) and pets. So, while beautiful, you may need to leave some plants out of your garden plans to keep your visitors safe.

Dragonfly Farms garden store has  many types of garden plants of all sizes and kinds from all over the world to beautify your home and garden. Our friendly garden experts can help you find the best plants for your garden with the tips you need to make them thrive. We also carry an extensive variety of pots and planters to fit your tastes. Wholesale prices are also available.

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