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Tropical Leaves

Plants, plants and more plants

When you want to decorate your place and brighten it up, a variety of house plants can change any space and make it more attractive. There are so many different styles and types that you are sure to find what can make your home, office, or workplace look beautiful. You can choose from potted plants, hanging plants, decorative trees, shrubs, and much more.

Plants in the home also have the ability to clean the air and even eliminate some toxins. Some plants are also very unique and add an interesting dimension anywhere. They also make excellent gifts.

Choose Low Maintenance

If you are not home all that often, or if you just want plants to make your space look nice but want plants that require very little maintenance, there are many kinds available. You do need to be aware of how much water it needs. Some plants will also survive better in hot and humid locations, but will quickly die in dry ones.

Light Needs

All house plants have preferences when it comes to how much light they need. Be sure to understand this because too much sunlight can dry them out or scorch some plants. Some plants for the house will thrive in dim light, but others prefer direct sunlight.

Flowering Plants

If you want to add color to your home, find out about the flowers it produces. Some plants will only produce a few small flowers, but others will grow large ones. Also, a few plants will produce flowers two or three times a year, contributing even more to their natural beauty.

Consider Air Plants

If you really want to add some uniqueness to your home, consider air plants. These plants do not need any soil to grow or stay alive. They get most of the moisture they need directly from the air, but they will need to be bathed in water about once every week.


Potted plants may need some help from fertilizer every now and then. The best time for that is in the spring when they will grow the most. Be sure to follow the directions that come with the plant, or look online.

A Word of Caution

When buying plants for your home, it is important to find out whether or not the plant could be harmful to pets or children. Although they may be beautiful, some plants are highly toxic – even if touched. Be sure to ask about whether they are safe or not for your home before buying.

If you live in Hamilton, NJ or in the area, all of your needs for house plants can be met at Dragonfly Farms. We can help you choose which type may be best for your home or office. We also carry a wide range of pottery and saucers, as well as many types of decorative and designer pots to beautify your place. Some of them are exotic, but we also carry many everyday pots.

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